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Web Designing

Learn to make a website by mastering the key components of website designing like web graphic design, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery. Read More

PHP Training in Jaipur

Top 10 Successful Websites Developed in PHP like yahoo, facebook, Wikipedia. Learn the basics of website development. Static and Dynamic Websites. Understanding the database and SQL queries and some popular CMS. Read More

WordPress Training

Around 28% of websites in the world are on WordPress. This is very popular CMS used in websites, E-Commerce, Blogging and another informative website. It is an opensource platform with a lot of free plugins that enhance the functionality of the website. Read More

The use of embedded systems is everywhere nowadays. Learn to program the things as you like. You will be the creator of all machine and gadgets. Make your world of embedded systems. You will learn the embedded c programming a controlling language, circuit designing, microcontroller programming, different projects, robots and more. Read More

Robotics is only a branch where students can relate the different concepts of technologies like computer programming, electronics, electrical, mechanical into a single robotics project. How each technology working together and what is the role of each. We learn the basics of programming, circuit designing and microcontroller programming. The training goes very practical under the guidance of the experts. Read More