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MaxFizz providing robotics classes for kids in Jaipur. The classes include basics and fundamentals that develops the creativity, design skills and great passion and interest in robotics.

The robotics classes for kids may be arranged at our robotics training centre or you can plan at your institution.

Robotics Classes for Kids – Hands-On Workshop

A robotics course for kids can be in the form of robotics classes or robotics workshops. We have different course content for all age group of the students. We provide the robotics workshops for all age groups of kids and students.

Robo Kids

Age Group: 3-6 Yr

Kids get knowledge of electrical components. A hands-on session to know the working of electrical circuits. How electrical circuits works in daily life.

  • No Soldering
  • No Tools
  • Simple Fun Projects
  • Learn While Play

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Robo Junior

Age Group: 7-12 Yr

Kids learn by robotics amazingly. We give hand-on training to basic components for robotics. They learn about DC motors, switches, sensors, LED’s and more.

  • No Soldering
  • No Tools
  • Make own robots
  • Learn to Assemble Robot

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Robo Maker

Age Group: 13-18 Yr

Programming Robots for Kids. Programming is everywhere and a thought of every computer machine. Hands-on training on programmable robot.

  • No Soldering
  • Learn to Program Robots
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • Robotics Projects

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Robotics Lessons for Kids – Major Outcome

Robotics is a very vast field of technology. As we know robotics includes programming, logic and some designing part. The small age of kids may not understand this complex methods and concepts.
So we have developed the series of lessons for the school kids. We execute all lessons and experiments practically. Once they understand the theory and concepts of robotics. Then we take them to our next level of robotics course.

Major Outcomes of the Robotics Classes

Kids get to know about:

  • What is robot/robotics?
  • How they are made technically
  • How to design/assemble a basic robot
  • Driving mechanism of robots
  • Use of motors in robotics
  • How to control the motors
  • What are switch and their use in basic robot
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Students will get a passion for robotics

MaxFizz a Kids Robotics Learning Center

MaxFizz is the best kids robotics learning centre at Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar Jaipur. We arrange the robotics classes for kids at the schools and at our training centre.

MaxFizz Robotics Services

  • Demo Robotics Workshop
  • Arrange Robotics Classes at Your School
  • Deliver Robotics Workshops
  • Robotics Lab Setup
  • Prepare Students for Robotics Event
  • Organising Robotics Event at your School
  • Bulk & Affordable Robotics Kits
  • Robotics training for kids

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