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DRDO internship is important for CS/ECE/EEE/ME engineering students for practical knowledge. This an internship is for 2nd and 3rd-year students for different college and universities. DRDO internship plays an important role to get the practical understanding of the subject and to get the work experience from the respective DRDO scientist. In many colleges and universities, it is mandatory to do an internship for 2,3 or 6 months. It varies according to the colleges and universities. Many government organizations, private companies, institutes provide internships for engineering students. So here we are going to discuss DRDO internship, how to apply, eligibility and other related points to consider while applying for DRDO internship. There are different DRDO Labs in India where you can apply for the internship. You might be looking for following questions. If you are applying for DRDO internship. How to apply for DRDO internship? How do I join DRDO after…

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