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Types of Embedded Systems – Embedded systems can be classified based on the functionality and the performance. The embedded systems are classified into four segments according to their functionality and application area. Stand-alone embedded systems Real-time embedded systems Networked embedded systems Mobile embedded systems The embedded systems classified based on the performance and architecture. Small Scale Embedded System Medium Scale Embedded Systems Sophisticated or Complex Embedded Systems Contents1 Stand Alone Embedded Systems2 Real-Time Embedded Systems2.1 Soft Real-Time Embedded Systems2.2 Hard Real-Time Embedded Systems3 Networked Embedded Systems4 Mobile Embedded Systems5 Small Scale Embedded System5.1 Examples of Small Scale Embedded Systems6 Medium Scale Embedded Systems7 Sophisticated or Complex Embedded Systems8 Read Also Stand Alone Embedded Systems The stand-alone embedded systems are less complex and simple. They independent to any system, work by their own. It takes user input and acts accordingly. The input is received by the respective I/O pins. The input may…

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Embedded Systems are everywhere but what are the components of embedded systems?. Embedded systems are amazing if we are into programming and making circuits, boards and robots. The embedded system’s components are basically divided into two parts: Hardware Components Software Components Contents1 Embedded Systems Hardware Components1.1 Power Supply1.1.1 Characteristics of Good Power Supply1.2 Processor1.2.1 What are the criteria for selecting the processor?1.3 Memory1.4 Timers-Counters1.5 Communication Ports1.5.1 Different communication ports in embedded systems1.6 Input and Output1.7 Application Specific Circuits2 Software Components2.0.1 How is software embedded into a system?2.1 Assembler2.2 Emulator2.3 Debugger2.4 Compiler3 Read Also Embedded Systems Hardware Components As we know embedded systems are the combination of hardware and software. There are different hardware components like power supply, processor, memory, timers and counters that make the embedded hardware. Power Supply The power supply is an essential part of any embedded systems circuits. An embedded system may need a supply of 5 volts or…

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An embedded system is a small dedicated system made up of microcontroller or microprocessor. There are some common characteristics of embedded systems that are important to consider and make them different from the general purpose computer. Contents0.1 Single Functioned0.2 Tightly Constrained0.3 Reactive and Real Time0.3.1 Reactive System0.3.2 Real-Time System0.3.2.1 Soft Real-Time Systems0.3.2.2 Hard Real-Time Systems0.4 Perform Specific Task0.5 Part of the Main Systems0.6 User Interface0.7 Processors in Embedded Systems0.8 Ready-Made Boards1 Application Specific Integrated Circuits(ASIC)2 Read Also Single Functioned The embedded systems in this category execute a single function or program only. This type of embedded systems are generally simple, low cost and less complex in nature. Examples are like a digital wristwatch, digital thermometer or printer etc. Tightly Constrained The embedded systems have some constrained like cost, size, performance and battery power. These constrained are set before the system design and may vary by the system to system. For a system, if the…

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