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MaxFizz Technologies is best Website Design and Development Company in Jaipur, India. The website plays an important role to showcase your product and services to your client. To make an online presence you need website design services where the user can sell their services and products to their user. The website should be user-friendly, fast in loading and responsive.

As per the need, the website may be a Static Website, Dynamic Website, E-Commerce Website or WordPress Website. We all know the importance of the website design in our business. So it is highly recommended to have an online presence using a nice website. The cost may vary depending on the type of the website and functionality.

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Nikita Saxena
Nikita Saxena
Quick n efficient service with good quality of product..
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar
Very good job done by MaxFizz. Really appreciate about helping nature..I have seen many web developers they work only for money and not for long business view.. He is work for long business view and not for making money Regards Aryson India
Kirti Sharma
Kirti Sharma
I am happy work here this enhance my skill in web development .
Ashok Lamba
Ashok Lamba
I am fully satisfied with the work done by MaxFizz - website Designer . Work done is to the best of my satisfaction on reasonable rates with best quality ....very important factor is that from beginning to till end work done is very impressive .
Maxfizz technology the best website designing is number one India I am very happy my website designing the very e best Best WordPress ecommerce website designer in Jaipur. Best Price & Quality Service. Highly Recommended to all....
param choudhary
param choudhary
Professional best website designer
dr.farzan shaikh
dr.farzan shaikh
professional best website designer and services is good and quick amazing experience with maxfizzz thank you so much.
sanjay jyotishi
sanjay jyotishi
Good service best website designer

6 Reasons Why a Website is Important for your Business

If you are running a business and don’t have any website means you are losing some business. Because people are finding products and services online. The website that is visible in Google search gets the business. Let’s Discuss the benefits of the website.

Website is Accessible 24×7

A website is best way to tell about your products and services. The user can view services and product any time.


It’s very comfortable to sit at home and find your products and services online rather than going out and visiting each store.


You can increase Credibility & Trust by adding the testimonial and reviews of the user who took your services before. A website with testimonial and reviews get more sales.


When you online you can sell 24×7 to local and global client. You can sale worldwide with payment gateway integrated in the website. No worry about collecting the payment. Completely autonomous system.


Once you are online. You can market your website through Google AdWords and Facebook-like social platform. You can target user around the world for your services.

Know About User

You can know about the user who has visited your website. By adding analytics tools, you can see the behavior of the user on the website.

Best Website Designer in Jaipur to Get Your Business Online

Hire Best Web Designer in Jaipur to Build a Website for Your Business. Discuss Your Website Project with Our Expert.

Website Packages

  • Static 1 Page Website
  • Free 2 Email Accounts
  • HTML 5 ,PHP
  • 500 MB Storage
  • FREE Custom Domain
  • Free1 Year Hosting
  • 30 Day Support
  • Static 5 Pages Website
  • Free 5 Email Accounts
  • Control Panel
  • 2000 MB Storage
  • FREE Custom Domain
  • Free 1 Year Hosting
  • 30 Day Support
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Free 10 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited pages
  • 3000 MB Storage
  • FREE Custom Domain
  • Free 1 Year Hosting
  • 30 Day Support

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

How much website designer charges in Jaipur?

The website cost depends on the type of website you design. If you want to design a low budget website then 5-page website is good for you. The pages will be like Home/About Us/Product or Service/Enquiry/Contact Us. This 5-page website is sufficient for small business or for personal use. This kind of website is called a static website. The 5-page website cost starts from 5000/- including domain and hosting for one year. Next year you need to renew the domain & hosting.

How much time a website designer in Jaipur take to build a website?

If the website is small like the 5-page website it will take 5-7 days. It the website has more pages and more design work then the time may increase. Once you discuss with the website developer they will tell you the approx time to build the website. If the website is dynamic then time can vary again. All depends on the website.

Can I offer my own design & idea while making a website in Jaipur?

Yes, you can give the design idea or reference website before starting the work. Based on this idea website developer knows the taste of your website. And by this sample, they will design the website that are very close to your idea of the website. Then the website designer will show this design to you. After seeing this design you can give any further suggestion to the developer.

Which Domain should I choose?

The .com domain is our first priority. To protect your brand you can buy other domains also like .in,, .net or .org. Before buying any domain we need to check the availability of a domain. Our development team will help you find the website/domain name.

What is SEO Website?

Search Engine Optimization helps the website to rank in Google and other search engines. If a website is SEO friendly, there are chances for a website to be visible on the google search engine. For making a website SEO friendly there are certain steps that will be followed while making a website.

How will I get customers & leads after making a website in Jaipur?

A new website is like a newly opened shop. No one knows that a new shop is opened. A new shop owner does different marketing job like distributing pamphlets, advertisement in the newspaper, local tv ads etc. so that their customer know that a shop is opened in their area.

Same like a shop, no one knows about a new website. So we need different marketing steps to promote the website. For the promotion of website Google Ads(Adwords) & Facebook is the best platform. Depending on the product and services we choose the platform. You can discuss with us we help you to understand how all this will work.

Does a Jaipur website developer/designer help me finding the website name?

Yes, we are experienced in this. Once we know about your product, services or business you operate. We can suggest a different website name(domain). The website name is very important when you go online. 

How much payment should I pay to start my website work in Jaipur?

Once you discuss your project & requirement with us we can suggest to you what kind of website is good for you. We also tell you the budget for the website. To start the website work you need to deposit 50% in advance. And remaining amount after completing the website.

Know More About Static Website Cost, WordPress Website Cost & ECommerce Website Cost in India

Website Designer & Developer Near Me | Web Design & Development Company Near Me

Find the best website designer & developer near your location:

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Website is made in two-part, one is a website design and second is website development. We see the website as a well-arranged layout containing the content and images that tell about the service or product that website offers. The page or layout we can see is a part of web design. They focus on the website look and feel. And create a stunning design by using good photoshopped images with HTML, CSS and JavaScript-like language. A website designer is just like the Building Architect.

The functionality and features of the website that the developer implement in a programming language like PHP & MySQL is part of web development. The website developer put life into the website designer visual creation.

How many hours does it take to build a website?

A website development time depends on many factors like how many pages on the website. What functionality needs to implement. How much effort we need for designing work.
A five-page website with average design can take around 2-3 days by a single website designer.

What is Static and Dynamic Website?

Static Website: Once the website is designed by website designer the information on the website is fixed and can not be changed by the website owner. For any update, they need to contact the web designer.

Dynamic Website: The part on the website where we need frequent update generally develop as dynamic. Different functionality can be developed on the website at the time of development. The website owner can change on their own.

What Should be the Qualities of Best Website Designers?


A website with good SEO gets a good ranking in google search. An expert website designer makes a website with SEO in mind. There are different on-page SEO factors that should be considered while making a website.

These points are:

  • Image Optimisation
  • Image ALT Tage
  • Keyword in URL, Title, Heading and in text
  • Meta Description

Good Content

You will notice many websites with very poor content, incomplete pages, invalid hyperlinks, and content that not match with the rest of the website content and service.
So a good web designer takes care of it. And use the content as a communication language between website and user.

Keep Learning

A good designer keeps learning day by day and trying new things.

Finding Solution

While developing a website, many time website designer stuck in the problem. A good designer will find the solution instead of the alternative of it.

Meet the Client Regularly

A good web designer schedule meeting on a regular basis to show the existing project and take necessary action on the website.

Communication Skills

An expert web designer takes client requirement and share the idea with the team. In this case, if the designer clearly interacts with the team then the team can implement it properly.

Know the market

A designer should have a good vision of the market and make a design while considering the target audience in mind.

Responsive Design

Nowadays around 85% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. So the designer should be expert in responsive design. The website layout needs to good in different screen sizes.

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