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Website Design Price in Jaipur | Low Cost Website, Affordable Website, Cheap Price

Website Design Price in Jaipur | Low Cost Website, Affordable Website, Cheap Price

MaxFizz is one of the best companies that offer budget Website Design Price in Jaipur. We provide a range of services such as web designing, digital marketing, Google Adwords, Social Media Promotion, SEO and development services in Jaipur. Our team will offer clients responsive designs, and high-quality websites. They guarantee the best quality websites for your company.

Every project we work on, we consider it to be another one of our creations that must be lived with a sense of quality. This is why we treat each project as an initial project, and we are working on it until we achieve an excellent result.

Website Design Cost in Jaipur | Different factors that affect the website Cost

Static Website Cost

You can design a static website when you only want to show the information regarding your business, products and services.

You can have a static website with #5 pages like Home | About Us | Products/Services | Gallery | Contact Us. This kind of website price starts from 6000/-. More the static pages more the website price.

The static website is good when you don’t need any information from your side to be updated. If you need any information to be changed by your side. You need a dynamic website.

Dynamic Website Cost

When you need any information like product information, service or any other information to be changed by your side. A dynamic website is good for you. When you plan for a dynamic website, you need to tell in detail what different information you will update. Based on your requirement we develop it.

More the dynamic part more the development cost. The dynamic website cost starts from 8000/- and can go more according to the work.

We give you one login detail, from that you can add/update the information of your website.

Website Payment

We generally take advance 50% of the payment and start the work. Once the website is completed, we upload it to our server so the client can check. Once it is ok, we take the remaining 50% and upload the website on the actual domain.

If the website budget is high, we break up the payment into more than two instalments.

Low-Cost Website in Jaipur | What are the Design Steps?


We design a mobile responsive website for your business. Before designing the website we take all the requirements like images, content and other information from the client. Based on the website requirement we design the website. Then we upload the website to our server.

We’ll need the reference of a website to gain an understanding of what you are thinking of using the following suggestions.

  • Do you have a colour scheme you prefer?
  • What Products or Services do you offer on the website
  • The logo of your company
  • What kind of general appearance do you hope to achieve? Ex. classy, modern, vintage etc.
  • Target audience details like age, gender, location etc.
  • The device from which your website can be accessed

Design Revisions

Once the website is live on our server. We give this link to the client for checking the design. If clients have any suggestions or update on the website. We update the website on the server. This process is going till the client is fully satisfied with the website design, content and other information.

Final Design

After the suggestion and revisions, we complete the website.


If your website is dynamic, we start coding the functionality for the website. Once the dynamic part is done. We give you access to the admin panel. From the admin panel, you can do a different operation like adding product information, adding service or other information.

We develop only the feature that we discussed with you during the requirement and in the quotation. We develop only the discussed features.

Project Delivery

Once the website is ready, we upload it to the server. Now you can check all the designs and functionality of the website. Once everything is ok, the website is ready for uploading on the actual domain.

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